'I am ready to pay any price', Rahul Gandhi's first statement after losing his membership of Parliament



Rahul Gandhi was the Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad till Thursday, March 23.  But today, Friday, he is a former MP.  He has been disqualified from the Lok Sabha after serving a two-year sentence in a defamation case.  The Election Commission is now considering a by-election in his seat.  After Rahul's Lok Sabha membership was terminated, the Congress lashed out at the Modi government and termed the entire action as a conspiracy.  Apart from the Congress, opposition parties are also supporting Rahul and calling it a dictatorship of the central government.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's first reaction after losing his membership in Parliament has come out.  In fact, he has tweeted.  He said he is fighting for India's voice and is ready to pay any price for it.  "I am fighting for India's voice. I am ready to pay any price," he wrote.

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