Amidst the increasing threat of Corona, IMA issued a new advisory, said- follow these important tips before leaving the house



National Desk:
Indian Medical Association advisory: In the midst of increasing cases of corona virus worldwide, the Government of India is also on alert mode to fight this epidemic.  Random covid testing of passengers coming from abroad is being done at all the airports of the country.  In this episode, people are continuously being found corona infected.  4 passengers coming from abroad have been found corona infected at Delhi airport.  At the same time, the number of infected people from abroad has increased to 11 in Bihar's Gaya.
IMA has said in its advisory that...
 1. Do not forget to wear face mask before going to public places, gatherings and crowded places.  To protect, behave according to COVID.  Follow social distancing and maintain hand hygiene regularly.
 2. Take your full dose of Covid vaccination as soon as possible along with booster dose.
 3. Follow the advisory issued by the government from time to time.
 4. Don't panic with the rumors spreading through social media and any other unreliable channels.
 5. Consult a doctor in case of any symptoms like fever, sore throat and cough.  Get the corona test done by going to the testing kit at home or the nearest testing center.
 6. Avoid unnecessary travel including international travel.

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