H3N2 increased the tension of the government! Gave this warning, these people are most at risk



National Desk:
H3N2 Treatment: H3N2 has increased the concern of the Central Government.  Meanwhile, Niti Aayog also held a meeting regarding H3N2 and now instructions have been issued to the states by writing a letter from the Central Government.  Who have been told who are at higher risk from H3N2?  Who can get a serious condition from H3N2?  Who needs to be admitted to the hospital after showing symptoms of H3N2?  The Ministry of Health has warned that the trend of influenza-like diseases and severe respiratory diseases is increasing across the country.  We need to be careful of this.
 Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the detection of excess of Influenza A (H3N2) in the analysis of samples being done in all the labs is a matter of particular concern.  He also said that the elderly, young children and people suffering from multiple diseases are particularly at risk.  These people are more sensitive to HIN1, H3N2, Adenovirus etc.

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