Meghalaya Election 2023: PM hits Opposition, 'Some parties are waiting for Modi to die, we work for every religion'



National Desk:
Meghalaya Assembly Election: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (February 24) lashed out at the Congress in the state's Tura over the Meghalaya Assembly elections.  He said the Congress only remembered Meghalaya during elections.  They looted your rightful money.  Meghalaya ATM for Congress.
He said that BJP does not discriminate on the basis of caste and religion.  “Our government rescued a Kerala Christian nurse from Iraq from the capture of terrorists.  We have worked for everyone, including Christianity.''
 PM Narendra Modi said, “We have changed the old thinking and approach for the development of the entire North-East including Meghalaya.  The Congress governments had considered this part as the last part of the country while the BJP considers the North-East as the growth engine of the country’s development.”
 He claimed that some political parties feel that nothing is going to happen to us as long as Modi is alive.  This is why he is desperate and hopeless.  Some parties are waiting for Modi to die.  Some parties are digging Modi's grave.

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