Indonesia's volcano suddenly erupts, 11 climbers killed


The Marapi volcano in Indonesia suddenly exploded on 3 December 2023.  Due to which 11 climbers present there died.  The 9843 feet high volcano is continuously spewing clouds of ash.  Indonesia's disaster management agency BNPB has issued an advisory to people not to go near the volcano.
 After the volcanic eruption, ash was coming out at a very high speed.  Due to this, clouds of ash covered the surrounding cities.  Ashes spread all over the roads, houses, trees and vehicles.  The local administration has forbidden people from going within a three kilometer radius around the volcano.
 After the eruption of Marapi volcano, a second level alert has been issued.  Ade Setiawan of Disaster Management Agency said that we have given masks to the local people.  They have also been advised to stay at home.  So that those people do not roam among poisonous ashes.

 The most active volcano in Indonesia::

 There are 1500 active volcanoes in the world.  The most active volcano in the world is in Indonesia.  There are a total of 121 volcanoes here.  Out of which 74 volcanoes have been active since 1800.  Of these, 58 volcanoes have been active since 1950.  That means they can explode at any time.  Seven volcanoes are continuously erupting since August 12, 2022.  These are- Krakatau, Merapi, Lewotolok, Karangtang, Semeru, Ibu and Dukno.

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