Kathmandu becomes the world's most polluted city



Interational Desk:
In the list of the world's most polluted cities, Nepal's capital Kathmandu retains the top spot in the top 10 cities.  This is due to forest fires, which are also affecting visibility.
Kathmandu crossed the 190 mark on Sunday afternoon to top the Air Quality Index, according to IQ Air, which checks real-time pollution in 101 cities around the world.
According to the US Embassy's Air Quality Measuring Station in Fora Durbar, Kathmandu's AQI has crossed the 200 mark, which means the air here is toxic to breathe.  As the AQI increases, the visibility in the city also decreases.
Ramesh Devkota, a resident of Kathmandu said that  “When I came here last day, the Dharaha Tower was clearly visible, but now I have to find it because the city is foggy.  I can feel the level of pollution in Kathmandu."

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