Modi will be elected PM in 2024, BJP will form government with full majority: Amit Shah


National Desk:
The BJP is going to form a full majority government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Home Minister Amit Shah said at the 20th edition of the India Today Conclave on Friday.  
   "Whatever the problem in the world today, the leaders of the whole world are waiting to see what Narendra Modi says about it," Shah said.  This is of great importance.  From 2014 to 2023, this is a big change.  India's view, the view of the PM of India is given importance to solve every problem of the world.  "My party's vision is very clear," he said.  We should all aim to be the first in the world in every field when the country celebrates its centenary of independence.  That is the policy we are pursuing.  That is why we are working in every field.
    Home Minister said that since Narendra Modi became PM, his only agenda is that everyone has the right to the resources of this country.  Everyone's standard of living is to be raised.  He said that about 600 million people in the country did not have bank accounts.  About 100 million people lived without toilets and about 30 million households had no electricity.  In the nine years since the BJP government came to power, every family has a bank account and every household has electricity and a toilet.


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