Bengaluru Water Crisis: Water being sold at double the price in Bengaluru from now


India's Silicon Valley i.e. Bengaluru is currently facing water shortage.  There is a terrible shortage.  Whereas there is still a month left for summer to arrive.  Last year, the Southwest Monsoon was weak in Bengaluru.  Due to this the water level in the Kaveri river basin decreased.  The water sources which were filled with water from this river are also almost empty.
 Some reservoirs in Bengaluru have dried up.  About 1.40 crore people live in this city with thousands of IT companies and startups.  Even before the arrival of summer, people here are forced to buy water at double the price.  Some people have reduced the amount of water they use in daily life.
In some areas of Bengaluru, water tanker dealers are charging Rs 2000 per month.  Whereas a month ago it was only Rs 1200.  A water tanker of 12 thousand liters was available for this much money.  Santosh CA, who lives in Horamavu area and buys water, said that we have to book the water tanker two days in advance.  Trees and plants are drying up.  Taking bath every other day, so that we can save as much water as possible.

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