India- Qatar News: 8 Indian sailors lodged in Qatar jail have been released


India Qatar Relation: 8 Indian sailors lodged in Qatar jail have been released.  Seven of these have also returned home.  After a trial that lasted for 18 months, the Qatar court gave him the death sentence.  But the way India is emerging strongly on the global stage, it is being considered as its biggest diplomatic success.  This is a victory for India's fast-paced economy as well as its strengthening relations with other countries.  India's relations with Qatar are very strong.  Qatar also gives special treatment to India.  In 2017, when four Gulf countries imposed sanctions on it, India sent food and medicines to Qatar.  Qatar, a country slightly larger in size than Tripura of India, has a total population of 25 lakhs, out of which 7.5 lakhs are Indians.  Qatar knows that it will get nothing by angering India.  The way the countries of the Middle East are coming closer to India, Qatar is also feeling the need of India.  
The business relations between India and Qatar are very strong.  Trade relations between the two countries started in the year 1973.  This 50 year old relationship between the two countries is very strong.  If we look at the import-export data of both, there has been a trade of more than 15.7 billion dollars between India and Qatar in the financial year 2022-23, in which oil, grains and gas had the highest share.  India is dependent on Qatar for gas supply.  Qatar alone supplies about 80 percent of the gas to India.  Qatar is dependent on India for grains, especially wheat, jewellery, metals, vegetables, clothes and manufacturing goods.


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