International Labor Day 1st May 2023



international desk:

Today, May 1, the whole world celebrates International Labor Day.  For the past 132 years, this day has been celebrated for workers.  It has a direct impact on our lives and yours.  Do you know how?  Even today, if you have fixed working hours in your offices, the labor movement is responsible for it.  History testifies that on this very day, the precarious working hours of workers around the world were converted to 8 hours.  Learn the story behind it here:
 In fact, in 1877, workers launched a movement demanding fixed working hours.  On May 1, 1886, millions of workers across the United States went on strike over the issue.  The strike involved 380,000 workers in about 11,000 factories.
 After this strike, in 1889, a second meeting of the International General Assembly held in Paris passed a resolution taking into account the French Revolution.  The resolution recognized the celebration of International Labor Day.  Once passed, the proposal allowed only 8 hours of work in the United States.  Apart from the duration and days of work, the issue of shift workers has also been questioned in labor movements.  It is thanks to these movements that minimum wages are fixed in the states of the country.  But even today, labor organizations raise the question that workers in large industrial units, private institutions, etc. are not paid according to inflation.

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