This 16-year-old boy got admission in 170 colleges around the world, achieved a scholarship of Rs 74 crore



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The journey from high school to graduation isn’t easy.  Many students have to roll quite a lot of papad to get admission in their dream college.  Many students do not get admission in their "dream college" so what college itself.  Students' sleepless nights while taking admission in college.
 On the other hand, is Dennis Malik Barnes, who has no such concerns.  Dennis Barnes, a 16-year-old Louisiana high school senior, has so far received acceptances to at least 170 colleges around the world.  In addition, he has received $9 million in scholarships.
"As I applied to more colleges, as my numbers grew, with financial aid and acceptance to universities, I became increasingly intertwined," he explained.  He added, "Once I got to that number it really wasn't a surprise to me."
 His school administrators have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records because Barnes' achievement set a new record.  Barnes is graduating two years early with a GPA of 4.98.
 According to a statement given by Clark Castle, a representative for both the school and Barnes, the school administration is proud of Barnes' accomplishment and has reportedly contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to make it official.
 Barnes said, "If you prioritize your school, your education and have God with you, you're sure to succeed, no matter what you do."

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