Jaishankar On Minorities: Jaishankar angry over allegations of discrimination against minorities in India


S Jaishankar Statement: India's Foreign Minister S.  Jaishankar (S Jaishankar) is on a tour of America (US) these days.  Emphasizing the status of minorities in India, S Jaishankar rejected concerns of discrimination on the basis of religion and said that everything is fair in India.  S.  Jaishankar said that no one in the world had done this before.  Today you see its benefits in housing, health, food and economic matters.  Here everyone has access to education and health facilities.  I challenge you to show discrimination.  In fact, the more digital we have become, the more faceless governance has become.  Because of this it has become more fair.
Foreign Minister S.  Jaishankar also advised America that there is no need to teach India a lesson.  Jaishankar asked that what would be his stance if the situation which is with India today were with any other country.  America might not have thought that India's Foreign Minister S.  Jaishankar will go to his own land and reprimand him.  But Jaishankar is Jaishankar who answers questions in the same tone in which he asks questions.

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