FIFA Awards 2023 Highlights: Lionel Messi WINS FIFA Best Men’s Players


Sports Desk:
Argentina's legendary footballer and World Cup winner Lionel Messi has been named FIFA's best player in the men's category.  In the women's category, Spain's Alexia Putelos won the title. 
 "It was huge for me to be able to achieve my dream after such a long struggle and going after it and pushing so hard," Messi said during the ceremony at the Saile in Paris.
 However, France's Mbappe was also nominated for the award.  But Messi beat him here too to win the award.  Messi has the most votes for the best player.
 "It's the most beautiful thing of my career, Messi said.  This is every player's dream and very few people achieve it.  Thank God I was able to do that."


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