Melodi's selfie created a stir on the internet! One of the world's most popular selfies


Meloni shared the selfie on Twitter with the hashtag #Melodi.  This hashtag has been created by combining the names of both the leaders.  This hashtag soon started trending on social media and was liked and shared by millions of people.  This selfie is also special because it shows the growing relationship between the two leaders.  Modi and Meloni recently met at the COP28 climate conference in the United Arab Emirates.
The selfie of PM Modi and Italy's PM Meloni has created a stir on social media.  This selfie has been viewed 43.3 million times till the time of writing this news.  It has been reposted 72,000 times and quoted 22,000 times.  This selfie has been liked by 443,000 people and bookmarked by 8,900 people.  This selfie was posted on December 1, 2023.  In this selfie both the leaders are seen smiling.  This selfie is a symbol of the growing relations between India and Italy.

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