CID's Fredericks alias Dinesh Phadnis did not have a heart attack, the show's 'Daya' told how he is on ventilator


The health update of 'CID' Inspector Fredericks Dinesh Phadnis has come out.  Actually, last night there were reports that he has been admitted to the hospital and has suffered a heart attack.  But now his co-actor Dayanand Shetty in 'CID' has given his health update.  He has told that Dinesh Fadnavis did not suffer a heart attack but there is some other reason.
  Dinesh Fadnavis and Dayanand Shetty, who plays the role of Daya in the show, are very good friends in real life.  He has rejected the news of heart attack.  According to 'Indian Express', Dayanand Shetty has told that Dinesh Phadnis is admitted in the hospital and is on ventilator.  The doctors are currently investigating.  But the talk about heart attack is wrong.
  57 year old Dinesh Phadnis played the most funny and powerful role of Fredericks in CID.  This show ran on TV from 1998 to 2018.  Every role of this show became quite popular.

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