Donald Trump Case: 34 charges against Donald Trump, adult star case must pay damages



International Desk:
Former US President Donald Trump arrived in Manhattan court to hear a case involving allegations of paying an adult film actress to keep her mouth shut.  He was arrested at the Manhattan District Attorney's office before the arraignment.  Trump has been charged with 34 counts.  The court also fined him $1.22 million.  The money will go to adult star Stormy Daniels.
Three examples were cited during Trump’s hearing, Reuters reported .  The first offered a $30,000 payment to a Trump Tower concierge, a $150,000 payment to a woman, and a third offered $130,000 to an adult film actress.  Meanwhile, a US judge said the trial against Trump could begin in January 2024, according to AFP news agency.
Trump appeared before a judge in a Manhattan court around 12.30 pm Indian time.  During this time, the judge handed him the charges from the grand jury in a sealed envelope.  The court also ordered that Trump must pay Stormy Daniels $122,000 in damages.  Trump, meanwhile, told the court he was innocent and the 34 charges against him were unfounded.

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