"Why didn't I fight?" Salman Rushdie in his book ‘Knife’ mentioned the horrific event that happened in 2022


In his new memoir "Knife," British-American author Salman Rushdie recounts a fatal stabbing at a public event in 2022 that left him blind in one eye.  The book describes how he was treated during that time.  Salman Rushdie's book is available in stores today.
The Indian-origin author, a Native American living in New York, has been facing death threats since his 1988 novel "The Satanic Verses" was declared blasphemous by Iran's supreme leader  Rushdie became a global symbol of free speech.
 But several years later, a knife-wielding assailant jumped onstage at an arts gathering in rural New York state and stabbed Rushdie multiple times in the neck and stomach.  Rushdie had lost his right eye in the attack.
 According to the book excerpt released by The Guardian newspaper, Rushdie writes, Why didn't I fight?  Why didn't I run away?  I just stood there like a piñata and let it hit me.

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