3300-year-old dome and temple found in Egypt, beautiful carvings surprised scientists



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Egypt has always been a center of interest.  Egyptian mummies or tombs always fill people with adventure.  Recently, archaeologists in Egypt have discovered several tombs and temples dating back some 3,300 years in an ancient cemetery at Saqqara.
 Lara Weiss, curator of the Egyptian and Nubian collections at the Netherlands National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden and author of The Walking Dead at Saqqara, says the largest tomb belonged to a man named Panesi  , who was 'Overseer of the temple of Amun'  Lara led the excavation.
 Lara says Panesi's tomb was very well made, where large traces of color can be seen.  Inscriptions indicate that he had no children.  Lara says that human remains were also found in Panesi's Tomb, but it appears that these remains belong to people buried there much later.  These remains will be studied in detail in 2024.
 Lara says that another new tomb has been discovered which belongs to a man named 'Yuyu'.  This person made gold leaf and was therefore a special artist in the royal treasury.  Yuyu's tomb is smaller than Panesi's, it also has some artifacts that tell many interesting details.  Lara Weiss says it depicts four generations of her family, including her parents, herself and his wife, her brother with wife and children, her own children and grandchildren.

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