Kaner flowers cannot be offered in Kerala temples


The Government of Kerala controls two temple boards in the state, which together manage more than 2,500 temples in the state.  Recently, these boards have banned the offering of oleander flowers (locally known as arali/kaner) in temple offerings.  In fact, a 24-year-old woman in the state died after accidentally chewing some oleander leaves.  Therefore, it is very important that people are aware of the medicinal uses and toxicity of Kaner.
 Surya Surendran, a 24-year-old nurse, died of oleander toxicity on April 30. Surendran had got a new job in the UK, and was going to leave on April 28th.  However, that morning, she chewed some leaves from an oleander plant outside her house.  She was talking on the phone and maybe she didn't understand it was dangerous for her.  She then became restless and vomited several times.

 On the same day, she collapsed at Kochi airport and died in a hospital a few days later.  Doctors later confirmed that the nurse died from chewing the leaves and flowers of the canary.

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