Hepatitis Report: India ranks second in the world in hepatitis B and C cases


The World Health Organization (WHO) in its recent report has issued a warning about the increasing infectious diseases in India.  According to the report, the cases of hepatitis B and C are expected to increase rapidly in India in the year 2022. More than 35 million cases of infection have been reported this year.  India has become the second country with the highest number of hepatitis B and C infections after China.  This is a serious indicator for health.

 According to the WHO 2024 Global Hepatitis Report, in 2022, 254 million (254 million) people globally were infected with hepatitis B and 50 million (five million) with hepatitis-C.  Moreover, the number of deaths due to viral hepatitis is increasing.

 Globally, these infectious diseases cause more than 1.3 million (1.3 million) deaths annually.  India alone accounts for 11.6 per cent of the worldwide cases.  Health experts said, all people need to be aware of these infectious diseases and continue to take preventive measures.

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