Big attack by Israel, 14 houses and three mosques destroyed, news of 61 people killed


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Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas is not stopping.  Israel is continuously attacking Hamas positions.  According to Aljazeera's report, Israel has attacked southern Gaza.  According to the news, 61 people have died in this.  The Israeli army has also targeted 14 houses and three mosques.
Hamas has said on the Israeli army attack in Rafah that 100 people have been martyred in this attack.  Israel is continuously killing Palestinians.  As soon as Palestinians leave one place and reach another place, the Israeli army attacks and kills innocent people.
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an interview on Sunday.  During this, he said many things regarding the ongoing war.  He said that the remaining 132 Israeli hostages kept in Gaza are enough to justify the action being taken by Israel in this area.  On the question related to hostages, Netanyahu said that we are making efforts to bring back the hostages.

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