IAF Training Plane Crash: Indian Air Force trainer aircraft crashes in Telangana, 2 pilots killed


An Indian Air Force trainer aircraft crashed in Medak district of Telangana at around 8:55 am on Monday.  This accident happened near the Air Force Academy located in Dindigul.  Two pilots have died in this trainer jet crash.  One of whom was a cadet pilot and trainer.
Air Force officials said that the trainer aircraft had taken off in the morning from the Air Force Academy in Dindigul, Telangana.  After which this plane became victim of an accident at 8.55 in the morning.  The aircraft that was the victim of the accident was a Pilatus PC 7 Mk II aircraft.  Both the pilots were seriously injured in the accident, due to which they died.  There was no damage to any civilian or property in the accident.  The Air Force has ordered an investigation into the accident.


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