Air Force is celebrating its 91st Foundation Day in Bhopal


The thrilling air show continues in the sky of the capital Bhopal.  Fighter planes of Vysuna are performing one amazing stunt in the sky above Bada Talab of Bhopal.  These fighter planes took off from Agra-Gwalior and reached the capital directly.
Indian Air Force is celebrating its 91st Foundation Day in Bhopal.  On this occasion, an air show is being organized in the capital Bhopal.  Governor Mangu Bhai Patel, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Sadhna Singh Chauhan are present as chief guests in the program.  The program started with the national anthem.

 This plane is performing stunts:::
 65 fighter aircraft including Tejas, Mirage, Surya Kiran fighter aircraft and helicopters of the Air Force are displaying bravery in the sky of Bhopal.  People from across the state including Bhopal have participated to watch the air show organized in Bhopal.

 Female pilots also include::
 According to Air Marshal AK Bharti, the air show is being organized on the theme of Power Beyond Boundary.  In this, aircraft and helicopters like Tejas, Dhruv, Jaguar, Chinook, Surya Kiran are showing their power.  Female pilots are also performing stunts in this air show.  Fighter planes have reached Bhopal after flying from Gwalior and Agra.

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